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For Ogam: What is Dickens Faire?

Good morning sweet Oggie!

Dickens Faire is a renaissance style fair, with all the booths and shows and food and fun, set in Victorian London. It is an inside fair, held at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco, every weekend from Thanksgiving until Christmas eve. It is dedicated and focused on the life and writings of Mr. Charles Dickens. Wonderful roving street skits from several of his books, including A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist, offer random delights to passers by. Fezziwig's Dance Party is a non stop Victorian Christmas Dance, where anyone and everyone can join in.

I work two jobs at fair. I sell and serve coffee and confections at Mr. Brown's Coffee, and as Mrs. Artemesia Flowers, I am Nanny to the Adorable Sage. *smiles* It's a fun and high energy job!

Here's a link, for more specific information, dear!


Please let me know if you have any other questions.



DW cuts... testing

Dreamwidth allows you to hide part of your entry text behind a cut, so you don't post a huge entry on your subscribers' reading page, or so you can hide something you don't want to be immediately visible, like a plot spoiler for a movie. If you use a cut, a link will appear in your entry. If someone selects that link, they'll open the full entry. The full entry will also be shown if they open the comments to read them.

To make a cut with the HTML Editor, type (cut) before the text you want to hide under a cut, then (/cut), using the greater than and less than symbols, when you want your text to appear on the page as normal. You can add text to the cut text link by entering (cut text="your text here") Dreamwidth also supports the legacy code inherited from LiveJournal, so you can also type: (lj-cut) and (/lj-cut) and (lj-cut text="your text here") and have your cuts work in the regular fashion.

this is only a testCollapse )

At the End of my Rope

what good does having a sense of self do you, if all you get out of it is pain, loss, and grief?

Why the hell am I doing this anyway?

I wasn't good enough for Nithogg, or for S~

I am not good enough for my so-called family, spousal unit included.

When does it start being worth all the fucking effort?


EasyShare Problem - Please Help

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I am having to redownload and reinstall EasyShare every single time I go to upload pictures from my camera.

Any ideas?


High in Vitamin A

Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Carrot Ironfounderson

You are Captain Carrot Ironfounderson of the City Watch in the greatest city on the Disc – Ankh-Morprok! A truly good natured, honest guy, who knows everyone, and is liked by all. Technically a dwarf, but only by adoption. You’d rather not be reminded that you are the true heir to the throne, but that does explain why people naturally follow your orders…

Carrot Ironfounderson


The Librarian


Gytha (Nanny) Ogg








Commander Samuel Vimes


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax


Cohen The Barbarian


Lord Havelock Vetinari


Seeking a Good and Witchy Home....

for two young female cats. Both are spayed. Both have their shots. They are healthy and beautiful.

The kitties are two and a half years old. They have grown up together, littermates from a Hearthwitch rescue litter. Their mother we just call 'Mom', their papa we suspect was the beloved Patchwork Rags.

Broken_lotte is seeking responsible pagan homes for the girls. Misty, a lovely dark grey tabby, was named by everyone who saw her as a kitten a Familiar Cat. Hannah, a black and orange torti, is her darker shadow.

They would really do best together, Misty is quite friendly, but Hannah is very shy, and hides behind her sister.

Give me a shout if you know someone interested, in the SFBay Area!


PSA: Sick

I got a particularly virulent form of stomach flu.

Went to the doc, they gave me a shot to stop the nausia, and suppositories to keep it under control.

Can't sit up at the computer very long - too dizzzy.

I have graduated to small sips of Smart Water.

I have had no caffiene in three days now. *laughs* I am soooo twitchy! Combine that with weak and dizzy, weird!

I am spending most of the weekend totally alone; trying hard not too feel like Something is beating up on me, punishing me. Hate hate hate it.

fal ldown now, can't sit yup longer.



Word Help?

i am whole and complete unto myself. i share love freely given and freely received.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way, in Word, to color these words like a rainbow? I am using the font Edda, and Bold. I don't know how to make colors happen.


filter tweaking

Changing my filters again, just a little.

I discovered a place, last night, where I am still allowing myself too much leeway in certain things, and I am not trustworthy enough to leave them alone, on my own.

I gave someone I care about pain, because I have skewed perceptions and a victim mentality. I am taking steps to insure that I don't have the ability to do that any more. You, whom I have distressed, should take similar steps, for your own self. I am sorry.



Solstice Vigil

Winter Solstice this year is December 22, at 06:08 in the morning. I am going to be up all night for it. I generally spend this vigil in tears, fighting the horrible loneliness of the longest night, alone. None of my 'family' members are interested in being there with me. I have tried just not doing it, and going to bed, it doesn't work. I want to break that pattern.

I would LOVE it if people wanted to drop by and join me. We can spend the evening in craft, in song, with appropriately cheerful movies (the Muppet's Chrismas Carol comes to mind), whatever.

Let me know if you are interested, so I know how much wassail to put in the crockpot, and how much food to load the table with!